“Is this enough for a riding lesson?” A handful of crumpled dollar bills and some change from two little girls six years ago was the first spark on the road to creating Horses, Hope & Healing.

Horses, Hope & Healing is a program developed by Tiffany Oreglia. Because of her own life experiences, Tiffany saw the need to keep our youth involved in a program that helps to build self esteem, family values, hard work & dedication. She has joined with other concerned parents, horse owners & volunteers to create such a program.

Horses, Hope & Healing provides a safe, positive environment for young people, a place where they can learn, lead, and develop important life skills. The relationship between horse & child gives our youth a since of value and self worth. These animals require hard work and dedication from a loving and gentle hand.

We often take in horses in need of rescue, the program children help with the needs of these abused or neglected animals. With participation in the healing of these horses, the children often find healing themselves.

Through our program, we also provide gang intervention and education, homework assistance and tutoring, teaching leadership skills, and safe after-school and week-end activities.

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We are a registered 501(c)(3), and our EIN is 11-3814133.